Thank You

Thank you to all those that helped my campaign. If you put a sign up, or helped make one, talked to some younger people about voting or just simply went out and voted. Thank you. You are the most important part of the Journey. So many great people took the time out to promote many of the ideas of the Isle of Man Green Party. In the last few days of the election when it became a blur. I could not tell you simply what each candidate stood for. Sometimes it seemed to contradict itself with Newspaper articles and radio interviews. However when I went in to vote it was there on the ballot paper the ‘Isle of Man Green party’ It could not be clearer. While the turn out was slightly better than last time. We still have a long way to go. We must remember that it suits many people to say that Tynwald does not work, or that voting will not make a difference. Having weak candidates with no mandates means that no change will happen. We have things to learn. I don’t imagine for one moment that everybody that voted read the manifesto or listened to the interviews. Clearly there were other connections that matter for other reasons. We too must build those connections and make representational democracy work. The result is a start and there will be a Green party presence in the west without a doubt. One that we can build upon through the most important of all things time spent with one another. We are growing. We held the government to account for the last five years and we will do it for the next 5 years. Watch this space for events and News . Gura mie ayd.

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