How does Social Contract Democracy differ from a Local Council

One of the question I am often asked in my study of a better Social contract is how does SCD differ from a local council.

Well in simple terms it is about giving people the option to choose about things that go on around them and that they are directly affected by.  It is doing away with the argument that I  am not responsible and it is about empowering people directly. So that they can make their own decisions about the things that affect them. In short small-scale democracy may work a lot better than large-scale democracy.  Of course this is what local councils do. They arrange parks, amenities, traffic bye laws etc. However there is a statutory limit to how far local councils can go. They are restrained by local government and by parliament. In SCD they would have all the power to decide everything that goes on in there defined geographic area. So for example if they thought that spending more of their budget on health resources they could do so. If alternatively they would rather have a lower tax they could do likewise.

Now I can imagine that there my be a lot people who are quite happy that somebody handles all these things for them. They may even feel more trust for some one further away than closer to them. However if one is happy with that status quo then they can not complain when things go wrong as they will. Or could they?  a large part of the problem is how much control do we want to give away in return for a managed life style.

If the social contract of our society is to take responsibility for all our citizens what do we do when we have large parts of population not taking part in that agreement. For reasons such as poverty, education or abuse. I would go so far as to put forward that most these people probably do not even understand the term social contract. Are we too assume that because some one is better educated that they should make the decisions for those that are not. By ignoring the problem we are oppressing ones that do not understand. Of large-scale governments I can not see how they can rational solve such a problem. Of course local government can insure that with housing and planning that such pockets of areas do not come to exist. However this has to be a concept that recognizes that society is diverse and that no particular group of people, be they well-educated control the resources that are available to us all.

So it is challenging that we say to some the poorest parts of Britain take a full control of the services that surround them to build independent communities that are self-reliant. It may mean that we have to engage a different indicator as to how successful we are as a society. Possibly one that does not involve money as the indicator but one that counts how well it engages all its people of who it governs.

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