Reminder to vote Card important issues as decided by voters 2021 in Glenfaba & Peel

The following were assumed that they were a priority:

Sewerage works, Silt in the harbor, Stem Cell Block, Elderly Care home, Road surfaces, Clothworkers school refurbishment.

The issue here under were filled in on the reminder to vote card below and handed in at the polling station. All great issues.

  • Elder Persons Champion
  • Wifi Speed for rural areas
  • Residential Care in the West
  • Glen Maye Hub/Cafe/Play area for children x 2
  • £5 per a month Health Insurance
  • Peat Free Compost
  • Less plastic packaging
  • Low cost renewable energy
  • Mole support for local producers/ less imports
  • Work Permits reinstated
  • Apprenticeships for local youth, more job opportunity
  • Sewerage at Reayrt ny Cronk
  • Better Bus Service
  • Plant more Trees & Wild Flowers
  • NHS Crisis
  • Affordable Housing
  • Increase minimum wage
  • Improved Cycle-ways
  • More transparency in health
  • Better Recycling
  • Diversify economy
  • National Living Wage
  • Increase transparency in all areas
  • More investment in Peel
  • Climate change
  • Adult mental health
  • Child care support
  • Carbon neutral new housing/buildings
  • Sustainable and Ethically based economy
  • A sense of global responsibility regarding refugees
  • Impending gas price increase
  • Bring down cost of electric cars
  • Repeal the abortion law it goes too far, needs amending
  • Increase in financial help to employers to give apprenticeship
  • Repair and extend sewerage pipe at end of the breakwater
  • No more housing estates until sewerage works is done.
  • Act on learning’s from Douglas promenade.
  • Be more transparent with public
  • Closer look at managing internal cost
  • Fit for Purpose banking in Peel
  • Bus services that support local areas
  • Implementation of hate crime laws
  • Better infrastructure for cycling
  • Grants for insulation & solar energy
  • Attempt to reduce road traffic
  • Boost local food production
  • Improved Medical Health Services GP & Hospital

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