Music to Play

In Norway they have been for the last couple of years promoting an idea where the government pays local bands to perform live for their first three gigs in one year.

The effect of this on Norwegian society is immense. One it encourages the creative industry in Norway.  Oslo is already known as a center of excellence in design and creative arts. The second effect is that it involves anyone that is interested in playing or forming band. From youngster into rap music to the elderly into classical. As music is one of the unknown sciences, the emotional development of a society and the result of such a move is more than interesting. On a practical level it encourages and gives the youth a chance of a  high form of development and learning that is open to all. As music is the bedrock of social gatherings from Weddings, Births through to Funerals.  Of course critics would argue that it can be misused as a scam to get money from the state. Given the number of mis-managed government projects and corruption where there is no benefit, the risk of this in comparison would seem to be low.

Where governments and people start to question economic imperatives of the their society. The wish to do something that can have a direct effect upon the quality of society, should be encouraged.

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