Last Thoughts Before Election Day

So as we enter the last few days, here are some of thoughts about the election and the future. For our political system to work the playing field has to be level, not just for business but on a personal level too. If it is level, people will join in, and this in itself is the road to a stronger, united future. The next five years – whatever happens after the 22nd – are going to be difficult. We are going to see an unprecedented rate of change as we try to balance our economy with the budget and with the changes in the larger world economy. Direct Democracy has a part in this whereby the public can vote on matters and direction that they find important and especially when we have to make the hard decisions.

Lastly, I wholly respect the responsibility that will come if I am elected to represent you in the House of Keys. I know that there has been widespread dissatisfaction with the ways in which the last administration appeared to lose touch with that. Please be assured that I will strive to remain engaged with the public and people’s needs throughout my term. With your support I Iook forward to being able to contribute to a new government that is committed to changing things for the better, and putting people at the centre of that change. Vote yes, Vote change, Vote Leo.

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