Introduction & Notice of Intention to Stand for Election in Rushen

Isle of Man General Election – 22nd September 2016

Dear Resident of Rushen,

I have to decided to stand for election to the House of Keys in September, because I believe we have the chance to create a society where all people feel engaged, empowered, valued and can live in peace with their surroundings. For far too long we have had an unfair playing field for businesses, where large corporations dominate our markets with their products and make no other contributions to our society and where good ideas are defeated by the power of big businesses. I am standing in the election because our travel links are a monopoly and they advertise in the papers and tell us how great the service is. I am stepping up because we do not have enough staff to fill our hospitals. I am stepping up because our society should not be defined by the car you drive or the house you live in. I am stepping up because government is not a transparent organisation in its decision making process or in the contracts it makes. I am stepping up because it is not a question on how we treat the elderly in society, but that we will look after them because we are a caring, engaging society. I am stepping up because we fail our creative & tourism industries by not supporting them to export their products. I am stepping up because education is the future of a sustainable society. I am stepping up because we don’t have enough housing that is affordable, yet there is always room for one more Mansion. I stepping up because for far too long we have been told there is no money.  We are a society where everyone makes a contribution in proportion to their ability. Where opportunities exist for disabled, and the vulnerable. Where equal pay and transparency in our dealings is available to all. I am stepping up because for our lives to have meaning the expression that ‘we are all in it together’ has to be taken back and reclaimed by each and every one of us.

My full Manifesto will be sent shortly before the election, if you are not registered to vote or are unsure if you are, please contact me for clarification. I will be calling at every house in the Rushen Constituency over the next month. If I happened to miss you. I am usually available from 10am to 12pm most days except Sunday by visiting Ken Quine’s in Port Erin.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange a private meeting or help my election campaign in any way please do not hesitate to contact myself.

Very best regards,


Please Contact Leo Cussons, Ken Quine’s, 15 Station road, Rushen IM9 6AE. Tel : 406750 – Mobile

Website : Email  Available on : Linkedin & Twitter:@leocussons

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Born in Glen Maye in 1971, I have been raised on the island studying at the Isle of Man Technical College. I have a LLB (Hons) in Law from Lancaster University and a Legal Practice Certificate from Manchester Metropolitan University.  I have set up several businesses over the years, including an environmental friendly industrial cleaning business, Website design and I am currently the proprietor of Ken Quine’s hardware shop in Port Erin. I have lived for ten years in the Netherlands working as an ERP computer consultant before I returned to the island in 2004. I have two children and I live with my partner.

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