Decentralisation of Banks – A Return to the High Street

Some interesting points being raised here about a possible solution to the banking system a lot of this could be integrated into SCD (Under small is beautiful).

Housing Problems a Different Perspective?

okay, we now need to look at a controversial idea. If one is truly appalled by inequality in society there are number of things that we can do. We can donate money to charity, help out with different organisations and campaign for better opportunity etc. In SCD we need to take maybe a holistic approach to some of the components that fall within society. If we are to create a society that benefits everyone (all stakeholders including environment) then how we manage groups of people is of importance. One of the many problems of a purely capitalistic society is that we have created housing estates that are riddled with social problems. From lack of education to teenage pregnancies to dependency on social welfare. What would be the result if we were to create mixed housing.  So governments were to encourage housing to be made up of different sorts of people from right across the whole of society. So we would have cheap housing and we would have expensive housing and would have in between housing all mixed together. The idea of this would be to encourage and for all parties to be aware of the different possibilities and responsibilities in life and for all people to cross over the social devide and to form new tiers of society not defined by money but by geographic preferences of where they live. By breaking the link of the old which are purely economic and class driven. This would lead to a richer experience, and more beneficial development for the whole society.

Yale Courses in Social Contract online

I think Yale most be one of a few places in the world that can actually run a whole course just studying social contract. They have interestingly enough also posted the whole course online:


I have worked myself almost through the whole of the above course. This idea that many of the top universities are expermenting with publishing courses online allows any one to gain a deeper understanding of some the most interesting and challenge matters of our time. While I find this course very relevant to the writing that I am doing on government. There are lectures on U tube covering a vast area of knowledge from Art through to Science.