The Little Virtues

As far as the education of children is concerned I think they should be taught not the little virtues but the great ones. Not thrift but generosity and an indifference to money, not caution but courage and contempt for danger: nor shrewdness but frankness and a love of the truth; not tact but love for one’s neighbour and self-deniel; Not at desire for success but a desire to be and to know.

We rush to teach them a respect for the little virtues, on which we build our whole system of education. In doing this we are choosing the easiest way. Because the little virtues do not involve any actual dangers, indeed they provide shelter from fortunes blow. We do not bother to teach the great virtues, though we love them and want our children to have them: but we nourish the hope that they will spontaneously appear in their future we think of them as being part of our instinctive nature, while the other, the little virtues seem to be a result of reflection and calculation and so we think that they absolutely must be taught.

Natalia Ginzburg – The Little Virtues

Last Thoughts Before Election Day

So as we enter the last few days, here are some of thoughts about the election and the future. For our political system to work the playing field has to be level, not just for business but on a personal level too. If it is level, people will join in, and this in itself is the road to a stronger, united future. The next five years – whatever happens after the 22nd – are going to be difficult. We are going to see an unprecedented rate of change as we try to balance our economy with the budget and with the changes in the larger world economy. Direct Democracy has a part in this whereby the public can vote on matters and direction that they find important and especially when we have to make the hard decisions.

Lastly, I wholly respect the responsibility that will come if I am elected to represent you in the House of Keys. I know that there has been widespread dissatisfaction with the ways in which the last administration appeared to lose touch with that. Please be assured that I will strive to remain engaged with the public and people’s needs throughout my term. With your support I Iook forward to being able to contribute to a new government that is committed to changing things for the better, and putting people at the centre of that change. Vote yes, Vote change, Vote Leo.


So a few weeks ago I went along to talk by Jason Lewis who is the first person to circumnavigate the world using only his man powered devices. It took him 13 years to do it, he spent a hundred and 13 days crossing the Atlantic in little more than a large sealed  kayak. In world where it possible to fly London to New York in a few hours why would he do it. Maybe it is not about the speed but about the Journey. His trip is something so unique most of us/all of us will never experience it. So what did he learn from his trip. Well he now gives talks/training on sustainability.

After this talk I took the decision that my Business would no longer stock polystyrene cups or plates. On Jason travels he came across island’s where this sort waste was washing up on the beaches. Business can do more I am always surprised that more people do not use rechargeable batteries, Led lighting where there are considerable savings to be made. We always make a point of getting Eco friendly solutions into the shop and staff are trained to explain the difference in the products.

I would go one step further though and encourage customers or readers of this to write/email  their local politician to encourage a ban on such products being sold at all. While they are cheaper in the long-term they enormously harmful for future generations use of the environment. The Isle of Man is long way behind recycling compared to the UK and the UK is far beyond Europe.

recognized by Guinness World Records as the first person to circumnavigate the Earth without using motors or sails – ie, walking, cycling, skating across land, and kayaking, swimming, rowing, and pedalling a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans.

Music to Play

In Norway they have been for the last couple of years promoting an idea where the government pays local bands to perform live for their first three gigs in one year.

The effect of this on Norwegian society is immense. One it encourages the creative industry in Norway.  Oslo is already known as a center of excellence in design and creative arts. The second effect is that it involves anyone that is interested in playing or forming band. From youngster into rap music to the elderly into classical. As music is one of the unknown sciences, the emotional development of a society and the result of such a move is more than interesting. On a practical level it encourages and gives the youth a chance of a  high form of development and learning that is open to all. As music is the bedrock of social gatherings from Weddings, Births through to Funerals.  Of course critics would argue that it can be misused as a scam to get money from the state. Given the number of mis-managed government projects and corruption where there is no benefit, the risk of this in comparison would seem to be low.

Where governments and people start to question economic imperatives of the their society. The wish to do something that can have a direct effect upon the quality of society, should be encouraged.