Eastern Area Plan

The Green Party’s excellent response to the hotly debated eastern area plan. To be ratified at the Ramsey meeting tomorrow night at the Mitre at 7 pm. In a nutshell, It is summarised as follows:-

  1. The government’s population predictions are wrong
  2. Therefore, the proposal to build 5,100 houses is without merit.
  3. We have a climate emergency.
  4. Building on green field sites will release carbon / remove carbon sequestration
  5. New Builds will release c.50 tonnes of carbon dioxide in construction and take c.50 years to reach parity with retrofitting a building
  6. We must wait until the next census in 2021 to understand our housing needs before zoning green field sites.

Come along if you can, full document below well worth a read.


Isle of Man’s Green party draft response to the IOM Governments consultation on Climate change.

Below attached is the Isle of Man’s Green party draft response to the IOM Governments consultation on Climate change. Come along tonight to the  Columba Club, Circular Road, Douglas – Monday 13 May 2019, from 6:30pm. Where we will ratify this document as a record for holding the government to account on carbon emissions. Thank you.

Synopsis of Comments to Tynwald regarding Representation

Here below is a synopsis of the comments that I submitted regarding representation at Isle of Man General Election 2016 and how this can be improved.

I enclosed a spreadsheet of the election result from September 22nd 2016, The spreadsheet covers all the results from all the constituencies in the Isle of Man. I submitted as shown in my example below the results from Rushen constituency where I stood to demonstrate total representation in Rushen.

Total votes balloted in Rushen constituency 5767 as per Manx Radio
Turnout in Rushen officially 58.2%

Leo Cussons  Independent  331 5.7%
James Hampton  Independent  1033 17.9%
Mark Kemp  Independent  1104 19.1%
Laurence Skelly  Independent  1212 Elected 21.0%
Juan Watterson  Independent  2087 Elected 36.2%

Census 2016 give the total number of residents at 6,977
Total number of resident registered voters 5767
Difference of 1210
That lowers the turn out to 45.47%

From the turnout, two candidates were elected with 57.2% of the vote

That means that 42.8% of people that voted are not represented in any form

Most worrying is that from the total number of residents in Rushen only 26.03% (57.25% of 45.47%) are represented. This clearly is not very effective form of representation.

In the short term, I propose that voting should be made compulsory as the sheer cost of elections makes them ineffective if they are not used by all residents. This would also mean that everyone is involved in society. There are many places in the world where this has proven to be successful. Australia is a good example of this.

Secondly, we need to move some sort of proportional representation where all candidates are members of political parties. The total vote in the Isle of  Man for each party secures the number of seats in Tynwald. This way you a have a true representation of all the people in the Isle of Man and their will.

Last Thoughts Before Election Day

So as we enter the last few days, here are some of thoughts about the election and the future. For our political system to work the playing field has to be level, not just for business but on a personal level too. If it is level, people will join in, and this in itself is the road to a stronger, united future. The next five years – whatever happens after the 22nd – are going to be difficult. We are going to see an unprecedented rate of change as we try to balance our economy with the budget and with the changes in the larger world economy. Direct Democracy has a part in this whereby the public can vote on matters and direction that they find important and especially when we have to make the hard decisions.

Lastly, I wholly respect the responsibility that will come if I am elected to represent you in the House of Keys. I know that there has been widespread dissatisfaction with the ways in which the last administration appeared to lose touch with that. Please be assured that I will strive to remain engaged with the public and people’s needs throughout my term. With your support I Iook forward to being able to contribute to a new government that is committed to changing things for the better, and putting people at the centre of that change. Vote yes, Vote change, Vote Leo.